Episode 4: Alewives, Witches & Economics

It’s Halloween and we can’t get enough of witchy tales and spooky stories! Following on from Episode 1: Hocus Pocus, It’s All Bogus, where Christina and Lisa busted the myth that Alewives are responsible for the modern stereotype of witches – this week they’re talking about what the connection really might be. Sarah hosts this…

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Episode 1: Hocus Pocus, It’s All Bogus

In our very first episode of the Beer Ladies Podcast, Thandi, Lisa, and Christina are going back in time! They will take you through why the stereotypical depiction of witches (imagine pointy hats, brooms, and black cats) is absolutely not based on Medieval (5th – 15th century) Alewives, despite what the History Channel says! Listen…

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