Katie, Carolyn, Joanne, and Sarah are having the craic in the virtual snug, because who needs the big St Paddy’s Day parade in town! 


Tune in for an episode that is not as family-friendly as the regional/village/county Patrick’s Day parades we love. (And don’t you be calling it “Patty’s Day” with the “tt”s when reporting live from the Pot ‘o’ Gold. Go ‘way outta that!)
Pints and potted primary school history of St Patrick give way to remembering Fungie the Dolphin, who frankly, we all remember better, and paying tribute to Roddy Doyle’s books, Father Ted, Once, Dublin Old School, 1990s soccer, and classic Dublin-ese.
Because really, who can remember anything once the pints of stout start freely flowing with their fancy widgets? It all devolves swiftly until we’re stood in a field somewhere in Kerry, recalling confusing Irish phrases and the memories of moving countries where cursing with abandon was… feckin’ grand.

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