It’s back to brewing basics with Thandi, Katie, Lisa, and Bean. Things are getting malty in the first episode of the Ingredient Series. What does malt mean anyway? In fact, what’s malting? What are malts? Where do you get them and what do they taste like? And how long has this been going on? Hop aboard the brand new combine harvester and we’ll malt some fields of barley.

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Episode Beers
  • Larkins, Dublin - ‘Curious Society’ Pilsner Lager 4.75% -
  • Lough Gill, Sligo - ‘C. Anderson's Irish Red Ale 4.0% -
  • Garage Beer Co., Spain - ‘Aporia' Export Stout -
  • To Øl, Denmark - ’45 Days Organic Pilsner’ 4.7% - -
  • Whiplash, Dublin - ‘Melody Noir’ Baltic Porter 7.2% -

  • Pete Brown:
  • Merryn Dineley:

But Wit, there's more!

Irish Breweries Kickin' it in-house:
  • Canvas Brewery, Tipperary: 12 Acres Brewing, Laois:
  • Ballykilcavan, Laois:
  • Minch Malt, who process Ballykilcavan's grain, and supply the Homebrew Company:
  • And a shout-out from Lisa to Pennsylvania’s own malthouse - recipes on their blog: