Lipstick is red, Carolyn’s beer is blue (okay it’s kinda green, silly dilly), Stouts are sweet, and so are you!

Join in this “Galentine’s” session with Hilary, Katie, Thandi, and Carolyn. Thandi shares how one first Valentine’s gift started a lifetime of brewing. Carolyn recalls “Singles BINGO” and dating with no money in college. The women chat Valentine’s Day – from wonderful first grisettes and other beer styles, your friends and (would-be?) lovers might enjoy… to the horrors of virtual hook-ups and how to treat other humans. Spoiler alert: “Ghosting” is shite, and honesty and respect is “The Way”.



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One minor correction: Thandi mentions that the new Larkin’s Brewing Co. range come in packs of 8, and that’s true of the Pilsner, but the Revolver Pale Ale comes in a 6-pack.