It’s official: The Beer Ladies love wort. Fermented, hopped, de-alcoholised, and otherwise… As long as it tastes lovely, Thandi, Christina, Katie, and Carolyn are here for it. Tag along as they try a self-curated selection of bottles and cans, and talk about the various ways non-alcoholic beers are made, now and in our dreams. We put ourselves out there to help you imagine the future of home-brew and the flavours that could be. So, do you want to try your brew heated, filtered, or a beverage brewed with slow-burn yeast? Or no yeast at all!

Things we spoke about in this episode:

  • How alcohol-free beers are made (a few methods)
  • Why AF beers normally suck
  • Price expectations for AF beers
  • Toxic drinking culture & how dry January has become a pressure-filled thing

Episode Beers

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  • And one more for the road to Texas at 3.9%, Celis Beers, Austin’s Low Low – Celis Beers
  • The Virgin Mary Bar in Dublin, Ireland.

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