Who are the Beer Ladies?

After a few too many beers in Galway, a few of us had a brilliant idea: to start a podcast! Throughout the pandemic lockdown, we had gone from a group of ladies that met once a month to a thriving online community. We have had regular online and in-person meet ups and even weekend trips.

We shared the idea with the larger group and everyone got excited to pitch in. Some wanted to do the hosting, others preferred to be behind the scenes. What we all agreed on was that we have a bunch of interesting stories to talk about and that sometimes the best things happen over a few beers.

That, in essence, is what the Beer Ladies Podcast is about. A few awesome women chatting each week, sometimes with a structure, other times not. We’ll also be video recording each episode which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

We’re currently on Season 2 and have even changed our lineup slightly.


I’m Thandi, the resident designer, planner, and editor here at Beer Ladies. I also design beer merch. When I’m not playing with pixels, I am likely fermenting something random (including beer) or cooing over my cats. I have a soft spot for anything with oatmeal.


I’m Christina. I have an obsession with beer history. Since finishing my Ph.D., I’ve been working away on a book about beer history in Ireland. Also a BJCP judge. And Founder and President of the Ladies Craft Beer Society of Ireland. Love Belgian beer. Yes, all of them. 


I’m Katie, culchie turned city slicker. Love of beer, Eurovision, and terrible disaster movies. Hates WFH during a global pandemic.

Currently learning the editing ropes for the podcast.


I’m Bean, a handy Canadian living in Dublin since 2008 and the wordsmith of the group. I like working in school and community gardens. I have a particular interest in eating sustainably, which naturally involves any beer from stout to sour that is just-this-side-of-balanced.


I’m Lisa, a transplanted American BJCP judge in Dublin who works in tech, but with a background in archaeology and archives. I write about beer history, run, wrangle my kids and/or cats, and drink too much tea when not on the beer. Milds and bitters are my jam.


I am Carolyn. Expat from Texas. Working in tech. I love beer, wine, gin, reality TV (Real Housewives or anything on Bravo is my favorite), cheesy rom-coms, and traveling. My favorite beers are hefeweizen, sours, and wheat beers.


Erica here. Originally from Minnesota, I live in Dublin and work as a Food Scientist. Favourite Drinks: Milkshake IPAs, Oktoberfest Beers, Pumpkin Ales, Winter Seasonals, Cocktails, Coffee. Loves: Travel, Cats, Museums, Art Galleries, Theatre, Live Music, Cinema, Sports, Yoga, Cycling, Running.


Joanne: Beer drinker, baker, knitter. Occassional sea forager. Lover of cats. Also dogs.

*Currently helping in the background*


Hi! I’m Sarah, a native Nashvillian living in Dublin. I work in digital marketing, and I am an avid knitter and craft beer enthusiast. I enjoy sours and saisons, but I like to try anything, especially local beers (and food!) when traveling.

*Currently helping in the background*


I’m Hilary. My day job is in learning and development. I’m a fan of ales, Beligan stly beers, and ciders. I love traveling, reading, and cats.

*Currently helping in the background*